Leaving something can feel like giving up. It can feel like failure. It can feel like a waste of your past energy. Like sculpting a statue from marble only to stop right before you carve its face. Leaving can feel like a thousand pound weight hanging around your neck while running a marathon, preventing you from being able to finish or even take one simple breath. Leaving can make you feel alone in the world. Leaving can feel scary and uncomfortable. Leaving can feel like a dark room with no hope of finding the light.

I Take a Breath…. Again…. I Breathe… again….
I stop and pray. I stop and think. I stop and feel. I Stop and decide. I stop and wait for the flip side of leaving this toxic situation to come soon. Then it comes and it’s light and full of fresh air. All of a sudden your perspective flips…

Leaving feels like relief. It feels like peace to a weary soul. Leaving is giving over the responsibility you feel to change things that can’t be changed. Leaving is a bone deep awareness that you tried as hard as you could to no avail. Leaving feels like that weight being lifted from around your neck and being able to stand up straight, start breathing and make it to the end of your race. Leaving is an end to something that was life draining and looking forward to something life giving. New is scary but new can also be exciting. Leaving is hard. It’s not an instant fix and doesn’t guarantee happiness right away. Leaving is knowing this and still having the courage to go through the hard pain filled moments. Leaving is deciding that you are worth more and you are worth the hard work it will take to get you back on track. Leaving is sometimes necessary. Leaving means you have the courage to change your circumstances. Leaving means not settling for the hand you’ve been dealt.

Leaving is courage.
Leaving is strength.
Leaving is change.
Leaving is self love.
Leaving is being able to love others better.
Leaving is not quitting it’s admitting to yourself that you deserve better.

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