2 Weeks


2 weeks is all we have left with our sweet little ginger babe.  His story is a story of success.  A story of his parents doing whatever it takes to get their baby back.  They’ve jumped through all the hoops and taken all the tests and attended every meeting and every visitation.  They have thanked us for taking care of their baby during this process that is their worst nightmare.  We are truly happy for them!  We have never experienced a  success story.  I’ve definitely never had another mother write me a letter to thank me for all I’ve done for her baby.  And the most amazing thing of all is that they are so sad for us.  They have recognized the fact that we LOVE this sweet baby.  He entered our house at the age of 2 weeks and will leave our house at the age of 6 months.  These parents who had their baby ripped away because of one bad night, knows how my heart is breaking with him leaving.  They know that my kids are going to be so sad to see him go.  That our whole family has put in so much time, love, and effort to make sure their sweet little boy has had a really good start.  We did our best to make sure he knew how to love and be loved in return.

This is going to be hard.  It already is hard.  I’ve been “Mama” to this kid for almost half a year.  He’s lived on my chest since the moment he entered my house.  We’ve done pretty much everything together.  From errands, to praise team practice, to actually Leading worship on stage.  He lives in my sling.  Our baby Jamie is his biggest fan.  Kissing him, feeding him, bringing him flowers that he picked out of the yard.  When G babe is out for his visits, Jamie insists that he comes home.  “Baby home now? Go mama, baby come now”  those words are repeated until G babe is home.  It’s sweet and so very heart breaking.


I’ve said this before, God didn’t promise easy, his promises are so much better than easy.  He has promised to be a refuge in times of trouble.  He’s promised to be with us and to hold us up with his right hand.  He has promised to be a kind God and to give us peace.  His mercies are new every morning.  These are the promises I cling to as I get ready to say goodbye to our sweet baby.  These are the promises that I will tell my children about.  And when I cry fat ugly tears on the day he leaves, these are the promises that will allow me to do this process again.  Foster Care is hard but it’s what we do.  I can’t allow the fear of losing a child stop us from doing the job God has handed our family.  This baby was in the best home he could have been in.  That’s what we are focusing on.  He won’t remember his time with us, but we will. I will never forget how his whole face lit up when I sang to him.  And we will know that we took care of him in a manner pleasing to our God and have given him a foundation of love. We love you sweet G Baby, and will pray for you always.